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Gran Biscotto,


cooked Parma ham

Tradizione e lungimiranza - foresight

With 6 factories in total - Monza (3), Bologna (1 for Mortadella),  Parma (2) – Rovagnati is the most important Italian manufacturer, with a complete product range of superior quality Italian meat products – pieces or sliced. Rovagnati is well known for its star product the inimitable cooked ham from Parma ‘Gran Biscotto’.

The secret of quality

For Rovagnati this excellent and superior quality is a mission. Only obtained by an attentive selection of the meat, the control of the well-fare of the animals, their alimentation and their hygiene. Therefore Rovagnati has the complete control over the production line, they produce their full product range, they take care of all the steps to make, from the first choice of the meat till the packaging.


Gran Biscotto Prosciutto Cotto 130gr
GG Coppa
GG Pancetta Coppata
GG Prosciutto Crudo 18mesi
GG Salame Milano


Gran Biscotto Gourmet Prosciutto Cotto
Mortadella Riserva ORO 7.5kg Pist Bronte DOP
Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele Disossato
Prosciutto di Parma 24m
Spianata Classica

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