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Fuet, típico catalán

Embotits Artesans J.Vilà was founded in 1984, following the family tradition of butchers, and relying on a group of professionals with extensive experience gained over the years, while maintaining the desire for artisanal production. Natural fuet is a very typical, popular Catalan sausage. Vilà has combined fuet with different species, fruit, cheese, mushrooms etc., thereby achieving an assortment of great variety, moving the consumer to try out different specialties.

The secret of quality

The current factory, recently enlarged, has information system equipment that carry out the technical-sanitary controls of the entire production process, from receiving raw materials, to cold rooms, production rooms, drying or cooking to its shipment. Vilà carries out continuous research aimed at improving the products. 


fuet nature
fuet au poivre
fuet aux herbes
Fuet avec noix
fuet au cepes
fuet aux figues
fuet avec ail
fuet chorizo vela
fuet gout truffle
fuet mini tapa

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