We are, as international IFS certified broker,  specialised in the import of regional & exclusive niche specialities of famous brands of the Mediterranean region such as France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

We are very active in the Benelux but we export also to Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Western Africa and La Reunion.
All our products are always made according to the original recipe and ideally in cooperation with local farmers.



Loving the product
and the profession

Share our passion, and taste the excellence of our charcuterie. Discover our delicious selection of the best south-European regional specialities.



Quality and simplicity

There is always a little place for our cheeses. Discover our particular wide range of Mediterranean selected soft, hard or blue, fresh or maturated cheeses of the highest quality.



The art of sharing

Nothing better to open your appetite than our mezze, a good plan to eat quick and healthy. Discover our large assortment of premium quality ready meals of the Southern Europe.



100% taste
& especially pure products

Let our grocery seduce you, discover our range of unique terroir products, with the accent on origin, quality and taste.



Superior Quality !

Without doubt the best frozen pizza in the whole world. Pizza, only fun !



Sensations of taste

Much more than mmmh …, our large range of traditional and tasteful charcuterie of the Mediterranean region.



Back to basics

Irresistible ! Our delicious selection of the best South-European traditional cheeses adding joy at your table.



The good bonus

Enjoy our Mediterranean antipasti, traditionally made with ingredients from the sea and from the land, always with seasonal local products.



A good recipe
needs good products

Try our ready meals from the South, full of taste. Discover our selection of delicious traditional recipes.



Pour les plus gourmets
des gourmets

Make yourself happy with our grocery products ! Taste our traditional mostarde and jams, a real success !


We choose consciously only manufacturers who share the same passion for gastronomy. We have a loyal partnership with only high-level partners who stand for an excellent quality (our partners meet the highest standards (IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, …), stand for tasteful products, and competitive prices.

We want to offer you, our customer, a surplus value and novelties,  we are for you always looking for the tastiest and most innovative, the best original and trendy products,  which correspond perfectly to the actual needs of the modern consumer.

is life

the success in life is to eat what you like!


1990, our company was established in 1990, as a Benelux branch from the French meat product factory Paul Predault.

2009, we, Nicolas & Pascale Spaas took this company over, ambitious, driven, with passion for food, with a big will to track and to distribute innovations. We immediately changed the name into Spaasfoods plc international food brokers.  

Thanks to our dynamic and clear strategy and vision, in which the advantage for our partners is always essential, our turnover as well as the turnover of our partners is increasing year after year.


Already more than 25 years we’re bringing for the retail, the central distribution, niche products of top quality in the most efficient way from producer to consumer.

This is what distinguish us: we bring it efficiently in time, costs, logistics and follow-up.

We are constantly searching and examining novelties, advising our customers, presenting product samples and importing specialities corresponding to your specific needs.


Also for the wholesale in the BENELUX we’re offering since 25 years our products at very competitive prices franco delivered. If you are an importer in a country where we aren’t active yet, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We export actively to Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Western Africa and La Reunion.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss about possible opportunities !

is trend

we love the mediterranean


In the shop-in-the-shop projects for the retail Spaasfoods presents directly to the consumer fresh products from the Mediterranean region by the exclusive brand name Daurigine. All those Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Moroccan or even Lebanese products are freshly cut on demand.

On-the-go Daurigine proposes pizza, piadine and campanile, all made with love.

Always welcome.


is quality

appetite comes with eating

Spaasfoods has achieved the IFS Broker certification since 02/2013.

The IFS Broker standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Spaasfoods as a broker monitors also the supplier’s compliance with these issues so that supplied products meet regulatory and contractual specifications.


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