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Castilla y leon


de Castilla Y Leon

El sabor de la Tradicion

In the beginning, Santa Teresa was a small artisan pastry shop, only producing the authentic Yemas de Santa Teresa. Now, 150 years later Santa Teresa has a large assortment of excellent products such as Quince Paste fruit, Gazpacho and ready meals. The delicious Santa Teresa Gazpacho, typical from Andalusia, is traditionally prepared with the best selection of vegetables, no added water and only with extra virgin olive oil, 100% natural, free of preservatives or artificial additives. For more than 150 years Santa Teresa has traditionally made by hand their Membrillo ,Quince, with only fresh fruit.

The secret of quality

All the Santa Teresa recipes are traditional dishes where by selecting the best ingredients they manage to develop products 100% natural free of preservatives making true their philosophy of “We are what we eat”. Santa Teresa works with social associations that help people with a handicap in finding jobs in the region of Avila.


Gazpacho tradicional 1L
Gazpacho RAF 0.5L
Gazpacho 330g
Membrillo 1.4Kg
Membrillo 330g
Membrillo 150g

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