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The cheese-making tradition of the Biellese alpine valleys.

Since 1894 the principle of the Rosso family is to produce top quality artisan cheeses using high quality milk from the alpine valley Biella. The fresh milk used is collected every day from thirty small dairy farms witch have cows called the ‘Pezzata Rossa di Oropa’, producing particularly rich milk. The cheeses are traditionally produced and ripened in cellars where they are turned one by one every week.

The secret of quality

Every day Rosso collects fresh milk from small dairy farms chosen for their traditional working methods and their dedication to their animals. In the Rosso cheese factory the cheese, using traditional methods, gradually takes shape and will ripen into cool maturing cellars. Every wheel of cheese is followed by experts who are passionate about their work. Constant controls at every stage of production guarantee the identity and the quality of the Rosso products.


Castelrosso 1894 - v900g
Madama Reale -v4.5Kg
Toma Biellese
Maccagno - 1.8Kg

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