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The best tarte flambée

from the Alsace region

made according to

an traditional recipe,

From 1911 in love of the Alsace region

Enjoy the original an traditional  recipes of the Alsace without compromise ! Pierre Schmidt is known for his gastronomic products, his ‘choucroute garnie’, his quiche Lorraine – bacon, little pieces of superior cooked ham and Emmental grated cheese – and for his ‘Tarte flambée’ or ‘Flammekueche’ – little pieces of smoked bacon and onions, crème and white cheese. Pierre Schmidt is also known for his authentic ‘bûchettes au fromage’ and his delicious ‘croissants farcis’.

The secret of quality

The used ingredients are carefully selected – without artificial flavours. Every day the many quality controls and the respect for the recipes are implemented. Finally the products are made exclusively in the Alsace.


Knacks x4
Pâté en croute - L'original
Tarte Flambée Ronde - l'Original 2x120gr
Choucroutte 500gr
Feuillantine comtoise 2tr


Croustade st jacques ecrevisses 8x130gr
Croustade escargots 8x130gr
Quiche Lorraine
Demi Feuillete-St-Jacques
Saucisse au jambon pistachée
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