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Mediterranean flavours

The benefits of the Cretan menu

Already for 40ans the brothers Ifantis are the leader on the Geek market of ready meals. Ifantis proposes a premium authentic Mediterranean product range, famous for its tasty quality and its nutritional benefits. The range is varied, it proposes mezze, salads and home-made ready meals, all preparations ready to serve easily.

The secret of quality

The Mediterranean specialities of Ifantis are without dyes, without preservatives and without palm oil. The range is composed on a base of extra fresh ingredients – of local origin from all the regions of Greece – and is from a irreproachable quality. The Cretan menu stands for its recipes of longevity !


Tzatziki 200g
Ktipiti 200g
Houmous 200g
Tarama traditionnel extra blanc 200g
Yaourt Grec 10% MG


Aubergines à la feta 300g
Moussaka traditionnelle 300g
Moussaka végétarienne 300g
Papoutsaki 300g
Yaourt Trad Grec 10% M.G. 1kg

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