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of  the Emilia-Romagna


Deliziosa fetta di Modena

The history of Gigi Salumificio begins in 1980 – in a region where the pork breeding always was important – with the purpose of preserving a regional product, the Emiliana kitchen culture and the Italian cold meat tradition. Today GiGi is famous for its production of Coppa di testa, Lardo, Greppolette (apero-meat chips) and the inimitable piadine.

The secret of quality

The piadine, a typical Romagna dish, are today very appreciated for a quick lunch. By GiGi the piadine – a thin Italian flatbread, made with white flour, and ‘strutto di lardo’ – deliciously filled with superior quality Italian cheeses and charcuterie.


Rosty Ciccioli Napoli 100g
Greppolette Caserecce
Lardo alle erbe con magro 100g
Pesto Tradizionale 200gr
Piadina Prosciutto Crudo & Parm Regg 175gr


Coppa di Testa Modena 4kg
Guanciale Stagionato 1.5kg
Pancetta black pepper
Pancetta Classica Arrotolata 3kg

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