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Rillette du Mans

Jambon Persillé

de Bourgogne,

specialities of the Sarthe.

The guaranty of a constant quality

Prestige’s is known for its production of the real ‘Rillettes du Mans’ - pure pork and the refined ‘Rillettes d’Oie’. Prestige’s is also well known for its other delicious products of the Sarthe region : the ‘Langoise’ – the ‘langue de porc en gelée’ - , the ‘Jambon Persillé de Bourgogne’, the ‘Roti de Porc, Museau de bœuf à la lyonnaise’ and the ‘Saucisson à l’ail’.

The secret of quality

The Rillettes are a typical French speciality of meat slowly cooked on a low temperature. After cooking the meat is mingled with fresh fat. Delicious on a toast !


Coctails bacon et boudin blanc 12pc
Coctails bacon et pruneaux 12pc
Rilettes Canard


Rilletes Cochonette
Langoise 2Kg
Jambon Persillé 2.8Kg
Rillettes oie 1,1kg
Terrine Volaille
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