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of the Italian cheeses,

the famous burrata

Excellence of the Murgia

The Caseificio Palazzo – Murgella – cheeses are since 1957, the result of the history of their culture. For 3 generations already they produce the real ‘Burrata’ – a fresh mozzarella filled by hand in the hart with a duo crème and frayed mozzarella or stracciatella - , the Burratina fumée, the Scamorza in its different forms and the Caciocavallo PDO from extraordinary quality.

The secret of quality

In Apulia Murgella produces every day very organised authentic Apulian cheeses, with extra fresh cow’s milk from the Murgia region and according to a traditional production process – the use of lactoserum to activate the pressure.


Burrata Bianco 200 gr
Burratina affumicata 100 gr
Burrata in foglia
Burrata in vascetta
Scamorza affumicata


Caciocavallo Silano DOP 1.5kg
Maialino di scamorza 125g
Piatella di Scamorza Affumciata 100gr
Scamorza affumicata 300gr
Scamorza Bianca 300gr

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