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Le marche


only the quality

of ultra-fresh vegetables

Naturally cultivated by local farmers, the all year long

Beautiful family company from the Marche region specialised in the production of vegetables, grilled or marinated in sunflower oil – without any addition of vinegar. Mostly eaten as antipasti. Punto verde presents a large range of vegetables : eggplants, zucchini, dried tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, Italian onions and many others.

The secret of quality

All products of Punto Verde come daily fresh from local farmers, are from natural and premium cutivation, have been delicately selected and elaborated in the company. The strength of Punto Verde is the preservation of the vegetables, the healthy nutritional values and the aroma of freshness.


Linea Terra - Funghi champignon grigliati
Linea Terra - olive mix
Linea Terra - Pomodori ciliegini conditi
Linea Terra - Zucchine grigliate
Linea Terra - Peperoni grigliati


Linea Mare - Gambe di Polpo
Linea Mare - seppioline grigliate
Linea Mare - alici marinate
Linea Mare - antipasto di mare

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