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The authentic flavour

of the real French

butchers ham

The know-how of craftsmanship lovers

Famous producer of cooked ham ‘Le Foué’, the real taste of cooked butchersham – the real French  ‘Jambon Blanc’ -, made from an entire pork leg, without polyphosphates or taste enhancers, cooked in his own juice. Beside the original recipe existent today ‘Le Foué fumé’ - smoked on beech wood after being cooked - , ‘Le Foué dégraissé’ - defatted and without rind – and ‘Le Foué à l’os’ - cooked on the bone.

The secret of quality

Le Foué is a famous brand in France, was launched in 1982 by Paul Prédault, and is synonymous for a nice cooked ham of superior quality.


Le Foué sans couenne 4tr 160g


Le Foué à l'os
Le Foué Blanc avec couenne
Le Foué cinq baies
Le Foué Fumé.
Le Foué AC au piment d' Espelette art1148
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