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Castilla y leon

Iberian ham

is not being trendy,

it is simply trend

Specialist by tradition

It is between Crespos and Guijuelo, the birth place of the Iberian ham, where since 1932, for 3 generations already,  Blasquez operates with 4 working facilities. Still committed to produce excellent Jamones - exclusive cured hams, the real Iberian hams of superior quality like the Bellota or called the ‘patta negra’ and paletas - pig shoulders. The parklands of Andalusia and Extramadura, open woodlands witch are scattered with Holm oaks and acorns, are the ideal environment for the outdoor reared Iberian pigs.

The secret of quality

If you look closely enough, each product of Blasquez shows the unmistakable traces of an outdoor life and the amazing reflection of a montanera feed based on acorn and grass. It is in the coldest months of the year that the pigs complete their feed with acorn. This plays a key role to the flavour of this unique cured ham.


Jamón Iberico de Bellota 100gr
Chorizo Iberico de Bellota 100g
Salchichón Iberico de Bellota 100g
Jamón Iberico de Cebo
Lomo Iberico de Cebo 100g


Jamón Cebo
Jamón Cebo
Jamon Admiración
Lomito Blazquez

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