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of an iconic recipe

from the Alsace

Tasty recipes even in a hurry.

Stoeffler is already for 70 years the leader of the French market for ready meals from the Alsace, like the ‘choucroute garnie’, or other quality charcuterie. The sauerkraut is a complete meal to alternate with your daily meals, Taste also the ‘Tarte Flambée’ or Alzasser sausages or ‘Knacks’.

The secret of quality

Once harvest the sauerkraut is placed under fermentation before to simmer more than an hour and a half to receive an soft and incomparable taste. Stoeffler produces its sausages with the most precious ingredients to gain an well equilibrated texture and taste.


Choucroute du temps retrouvé 1Kg
Choucroute L'alsacienne 920gr
La Fumée d'Alsace
Saucisses Strasbourg 6x40gr 240Gr
Tarte Flambée Jambon Emmental 350gr

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