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Le ‘Eccellenza


dalla Lombardia’

Il gusto dell’ eccellenza

For generations the Salumi Pasini brand guarantees unique care in the careful selection of the raw materials and in the production of each product, an attention that is equal only to what they had in the past. Each meat cut is created by the hands of the people working in the company for years who still teach this craftsmanship to the younger generations. The respect of each ingredient leads to the creation of meat products of the highest level such as the Salsiccia, the different Salamella or Bresaola di suino and their unique flavors that distinguishes them.

The secret of quality

Maximum attention is dedicated to the care in which each Salumi Pasini product is designed and conceived, processed and packaged. No detail is left to chance, from the choice of the best raw materials to the packaging.


Salamella Italiana Classica
Salamella Italiana con finocchio
Salamella Italiana Piccante


Salamini Picnic sfusi fila 9pezzi
Salamini Picnic vaschetta 4pezzi
Salamini Picnic 4pezzi

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